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Immersive First Person View (FPV)

First Person View (FPV)

Not for the faint hearted, or is it an altered reality? I mean what is the hype really?

Drone Goggles create a simulated reality to an exciting dimension in drone flight, its as if my feet have left the ground and the drone is an extension of my body.

The experience is termed Immersive FPV  the status is not taboo, the depth to your flight quality is highlighted in the outward aesthetics, as the goggles come in Full HD standard connected to the control terminal via HDMI, just like on any TV set you find, to be doing it in real time whilst taking in the scenery, and recording it to for future playback adds a different dimension to and to think that you will also be able to share it with fellow users.

When racing drones are deployed we have uses for Goggles that are somewhat essential to capture and pull off some of the depth defying manoeuvres that we have to make. For some it could take some time to get  used to the feeling of actual flight.

What can drones be used for?

Drones or UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle are aircraft that usually controlled by pilots from the ground. There are different types of drones but they fall into two categories Drone Surveillance and reconnaissance and also drones that carry bombs or missiles. Drones usually come with state of the art technology that is common amongst cinematographers and they are known for their camera feature. They are equipped with GPS, lasers and infrared cameras.

DJI Inspire 2

DJI Inspire

Most times they are used by the military especially the larger ones. The smaller sized drones are for commercial uses and are lightweight.

Drones have a lot of benefits as they can be used for scientific research, rescue missions and also for mapping areas. Drone surveying systems also come with video recorders and they can be so small that they can go into places without being discovered.

Drone inspections are carried out to ensure safety and speed of operations. For companies, carrying drone inspections on the premises can help reduce cost and save time that would have been wasted on conventional inspection strategies. As a result of the small size of drones, they can easily be used for inspection without any suspicion.

It is cheaper getting a drone and even those in the energy sector can benefit from using drones to inspect their pipelines and their premises. These drones are very fast and unlike traditional methods which would require you assemble a staff to do the work.

  • First Person View Experience

First Person View will give the user a true pilot’s eye line when flying an aircraft or drone. It can be fun piloting your drone but it can be more interesting if you can feel the virtual experience of being in the drone. With the First Person View (FPV), you get to feel the excitement of flying the drone by being in the action. FPV drones provide a better performance and safer pilot experience. The devices usually come with a small camera, monitor for viewing, radio transmission or VR goggles to provide a real experience when driving these drones.

  • Getting a better user experience with the DJI Goggles

People can go beyond viewing their drones through monitors and get a real experience like they are actually driving the drones themselves. FPI goggles give the user first-person experience when piloting the drone. It is common for people who are engaged in Drone racing to use this accessory. The DJI goggles come with a playback feature which can be used to record the flight sessions.

  • Choosing the right drone goggles (AR and VR Goggles)

There are two types of drone goggles, the Augmented Reality (AR) goggles, and the

Virtual Reality (VR) goggles. Both types of goggles have conditions where they can best be used but most people prefer the VR goggles because it gives the best immersive experience. The virtual reality navigation system includes flight information for the user.


Deciding on the type of goggles to use for flying the drone is important because it can affect a person’s line of sight flight. The benefit of both goggles though is that you get a first-person view during the flight.

When choosing goggles, it is important to also consider latency because any delay can cause the Drone to crash. Virtual Reality Navigation goggles use a transparent display that looks more like those used by fighter pilots. The transparency of the goggles does not really work in all situations because the user may get small displays at the side of their vision.

With the AR glasses, your line of sight is not interrupted and the pilot can easily monitor his drone because of the AR video feature that allows you to see the drone. This is a big advantage but the only issue here is having to do everything on a small screen.

Augmented Reality and Virtual reality have one similarity which is that both devices are able to alter the way we see the world. The difference between the two, however, is in how they perceive our presence. VR is able to create reality by taking us to some other place with the

Helicopter Feel

Augmented Reality

goggles and it blocks out every existence of the real world. When you put on the VR goggles, it blinds the user from the present world but it would enhance your senses. The VR goggles have a high immersion experience during the piloting of drones. Some users have accounted situations where they felt movement within the virtual reality world.

Which goggles do we more prefer?

Augmented reality doesn’t include anything to a person’s reality instead what it does is it augments our current reality with clear visors. AR goggles allow the pilot to be in the real world during drone racing but improves the current happenings around the person. AR gives freedom to the user but it is less immersive, unlike the VR. Its disadvantage is that even though it gives a clear vision of things, it is difficult to create a high resolution on the small screen. The benefit of the AR goggles is that its transparency enhances the eye line sight of the pilot which is a plus for companies wanting to do inspections.

Virtual Reality, on the other hand, is immersive and it enhances the senses of the pilot. People prefer the VR goggles over the AR goggles today. The fact is that both accessories perform well and can be used effectively for Drone Surveying and Drone Navigation.

Remember to use the services of a spotter when you are in Drone Goggle mode as per FAA guidelines, to maintain line of sight

We wish all drone pilots safe flying out there, and watch out for bird strikes in FPV, go out and get your DJI Goggles through this link and save.

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